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While budgets matter, creative goals may not lead to the “least expensive” path. We help your team land on the “right” path to achieving their creative goals, ensuring every cost makes sense for the specific vision at hand.

MBc partners with global brands and agencies across all content platforms.

Production Cost Review

Our cost analysis is grounded in an aware, curious and informed mindset ensuring that client and agency vision is met without compromises to quality. We identify effective production methodology and negotiate cost savings opportunities to optimize your production dollars - saving time and money. Throughout each job, MBc tracks all job costs and overages and ensures process expectations and approved budgets are met.

MBc reviews all aspects of a production job including production company bids, edit, animation, talent, music, photography and studio charges. Our involvement starts from the time creative is green-lit and follows through to job close. Always working within your required production schedule, we collaborate directly with your agencies and vendors, keeping our clients informed throughout the process to ensure both client and agency expectations are aligned.

We develop industry-proven Production Guidelines that clarify team expectations across bidding needs and the cost management and approval process that automatically lower costs, even prior to the negotiations. MBc educates and advises your agency and internal teams on the client- approved production process, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Our development of these Production Guidelines is on-going. We continuously ask for feedback from your team, your agency and other industry experts and keep an open line of communication regarding potential process improvements.

Production Guidelines & Process Development

Agency Agreements & Fee Negotiation

MBc conducts a thorough compensation assessment and creates a comparison of rates to industry standards in order to develop a negotiation strategy and make on point recommendations that ensure a fair compensation level for your agency.

This deep dive includes an analysis of the staffing plan by category against a well-informed brief to provide feedback not only on rates, but on a structure that makes sense for our client’s needs. MBc reviews the proposed agency contract language (MSA) and can recommend contract content based on advertising-specific best practices.

Our overall objective is to develop a fair compensation methodology and implementation process that aligns your priorities and interests with those of your advertising agency.

- Analysis of agency brief to help inform the RFP process most accurately

- Recommendations on RFP content requirements

- Review of score card content to help our clients most effectively land on a creative partner decision.

RFP Management

Real-Time Industry Benchmarks & Data Reporting

Our years of industry experience allows us to track and benchmark advertising production costs, in-house studio rates and agency compensation across a vast array of clients and brands to provide informed recommendations based on real-time data.

MBc maintains a detailed, proprietary database specific to each client to track all production jobs and associated spends. This database tracks approvals, dollar amounts and status of all production jobs by phase. Job histories are at our fingertips.

Our database includes a complete reporting system where we can create savings summaries by project/monthly/ quarterly/annually as well as create monthly status reports on job progress.

We’ll review and negotiate your agency’s in-house studio structure to ensure rates align with market averages and place our clients in a “preferred customer” position based on volume.

As content asks increase, many brands are finding efficiencies by bringing production and post-production capabilities in-house. After identifying your annual content needs, current stress points and bottlenecks, we form an architecture recommendation based on scalable workflows, staffing, equipment, and procedures.

We stay in the know by continuing to tour in-house facilities to analyze equipment and methodologies ensuring our clients are getting first in class services.

Agency In-House Studio Review

Planning Services

Media Audits

MBc has established an alliance partnership with Ebiquity to offer our clients media investment analysis. Ebiquity is a data-driven solutions company helping brand owners drive efficiency and effectiveness from their media spend, eliminating wastage and creating value. They harness the power of data to provide independent, fact-based advice, enabling brand owners to perfect media investment decisions and improve business outcomes. Ebiquity is staffed by 500+ media professionals with decades of experience representing ~80% of the world’s media investments. As a result, more than 70 of the world’s top 100 advertisers today choose Ebiquity as their trusted independent media advisor.

Read more about Ebiquity on their website.

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We offer a complimentary cost review of a production job.


What Our Clients Say...

"MBc has been indispensable to me as a production consultant. As a client side brand marketer who direct sources production, I was able rely on them to help fill in the gap that an agency broadcast producer would typically fill. A true partner in spirit, I especially appreciate their collaborative nature; their insights about the intersection between creative and production have been very valuable. MBc is a first rate, buttoned up consultancy which is responsive, efficient, knowledgeable, and very reliable."

AVP, Consumer Brand Advertising