About the Founder

MBc is a NY-Metro based firm with a nimble team of experts able to expand and contract to meet all client needs. Our team is empowered with experience on the client and agency side as well as the production and editorial side of the industry.

Michelle Bradley

Michelle Bradley


A graduate of Fordham University, and a Forbes Next 1000 Entrepreneur, Michelle is an accomplished resource with 20+ years’ experience in advertising production and marketing services. Her expertise stretches across a wide array of global clients such as Yahoo, Morgan Stanley, and E*TRADE. Michelle founded MBc in 2006 when she saw a gap in the methodology commonly used in the advertising consultancy industry which didn’t place enough emphasis on understanding a marketer’s creative vision and overarching process efficiency.

MBc was born out of a desire to fill that gap, not only ensuring smart budget decisions, and validating investments, but focusing on ensuring the integrity of her client’s specific creative goals. Michelle values the close partnerships she builds with her client brand and procurement teams, as well as advertising agencies and production vendors to effectively provide global market expertise across all media outlets. In her spare time, Michelle is an avid gardener, cook, yogi and interior design junkie who may or may not have a complete obsession with throw pillows.


What Our Clients Say...

"MBc is extraordinary cost consultancy and advertising professionals. Their meticulous attention to detail, passion for ensuring absolute quality and engaging personality make them a pleasure to work with. They also have taken the time to carefully explain the many intricacies in advertising and media billing, ensuring I had a thorough understanding of what I was agreeing to and what the implications were for overruns. They recognize the limitations government has and ensures that their recommendations are in line with contracting regulations and strategic goals. I have recommended them to other colleagues and will continue to do so - they are invaluable!"

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