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Production Cost Advisory Services

MBc Helps Brands Optimize Their Advertising Production Dollars

MBc partners with global brands, agencies, and suppliers across all content platforms including TV Commercials, Online Video, Social Content, Websites, Banner Ads, Apps, Mobile Content, Print & Photography and Experiential & Events to create value and drive efficiency for our clients.

While keeping the creative vision first and foremost, MBc thoroughly reviews all aspects of production jobs from treatments and scripts, to production company and edit bids, animation, talent (including celebrity talent), music, photography and studio charges.

We work directly with agencies and vendors keeping our clients thoroughly informed throughout the production cost review process to ensure both client and agency expectations are aligned.

We always works within the required production timeline, confirms schedules make sense for the project at hand, and ensure both the agency and client’s creative and fiscal expectations are aligned.

Our Production billing experts can audit all billing backup/invoices ensuring compliance with your policies and that final costs align with agreed estimate by cost category.

MBc tracks all phases of production jobs via databases specific to each client allowing information on status, overages, savings, billing to be at our fingertips.

We’re proud of our collaborative style, excellent agency relationships and our distinct ability to deliver value to all stakeholders.

Agency Agreements & Fee Negotiations

Armed with vast, real-time industry benchmarks, MBc analyzes agency staffing plans against anticipated advertising assets, strategy and the account governance needs of our clients.

Our overall objective is to develop a fair compensation methodology, staffing structure and cost level while implementing an agreement that aligns client priorities and interests with those of its advertising agency.

MBc plays an integral role in evaluating agency MSA language and can work directly with you legal team to recommend best practices around burn reports, reconciliation, billing terms, and all advertising specific contract language.

Our clients leverage us to spearhead negotiations directly with their advertising agency.

Production Guidelines & Process Development

MBc focuses on solid marketer solutions including best practice approaches for managing and scaling content planning and production.

MBc authors Production Guidelines tailored to our individual client needs to facilitate the production cost review and approval process from pre-bid through final invoicing. These industry-proven Production Guidelines automatically lower costs – even prior to the negotiation/bidding process.

MBc educates and advises all ad agency staff on these Guidelines to effectively achieve a seamless cost review and project approval process.

Our development of Production Guidelines is on-going. We continuously ask for feedback from our client teams, agencies and various industry experts keeping an open line of communication to potential process improvements.

Ensure your guidelines have up to date Covid-19 considerations.

MBc tracks all phases of production jobs via databases specific to each client allowing information on status, overages, savings, billing to be at our fingertips.

We’re proud of our collaborative style, excellent agency relationships and our distinct ability to deliver value to all stakeholders.

Agency In-house Studio Services

MBc stays in the know by regularly touring agency in-house studios and vendor facilities keeping up with the latest technologies and services offered to clients. These real-time benchmarks allow us to ensure our clients have transparency their spends.

MBc analyzes and negotiates advertising agency in-house studio rates across digital, print and edit services to ensure reasonableness based on size, location and industry averages.

We work directly with our client’s agency studios to negotiate and implement preferred rates for repeat business.

These evaluations involve a focused eye on how the offered services are structured and what level of on-site equipment is available.

Learn when it is best to allow your agency to take projects in-house vs. outsource.

Vendor Sourcing & Industry Resources

We help you form collaborative partnerships that will arm your brand with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions and expedite project approvals.

Our relationships with other industry experts allow us to build a wide knowledge base and continue to improve best practice methods used across the industry.

Are you in need of an agency RFP? Ask MBc for vendor recommendations, bring us in to do RFP content analysis and process development.

Do you want to learn about De-Coupling? MBc provides expert industry advice on current trends.

Our years of industry experience and client retention allows us to track and benchmark advertising production and agency compensation costs.

Media Audits

MBc has established an alliance partnership with MMi to offer our clients media audits. MMi focuses singularly on providing advertisers with transparency and accountability for their media investments. MMi’s clients spend billions annually on media, and they recognize that expert, 3rd party oversight drives demonstrable value to their companies. MMi is 100% independent and focused on media auditing, so that they can maintain total neutrality. MMi is staffed by media professionals with decades of experience, and they’ve developed and patented software to seamlessly integrate with major buy management platforms to move 100% of their clients’ buy data. They leverage direct subscriptions to 3rd party media research and state-of-the-art data visualization capabilities to provide clients with actionable, quantifiable insights. That’s how MMi delivers media audit Findings That Matter.

Read more about MMi on their website.

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We offer a complimentary cost review of a production job.


What Our Clients Say...

"MBc has been indispensable to me as a production consultant. As a client side brand marketer who direct sources production, I was able rely on them to help fill in the gap that an agency broadcast producer would typically fill. A true partner in spirit, I especially appreciate their collaborative nature; their insights about the intersection between creative and production have been very valuable. MBc is a first rate, buttoned up consultancy which is responsive, efficient, knowledgeable, and very reliable."

Milda Goodman

AVP, Consumer Brand Advertising