Production Process Development


MBc authors Production Guidelines tailored to individual client needs to facilitate the production cost review and approval process from pre-bid through final invoicing.  These industry-proven Production Guidelines automatically lower costs even prior to the negotiation/bidding process.  MBc educates and advises all ad agency staff on the production process.

Our development of Production Guidelines is on-going.  We continuously ask for feedback from our client teams, agencies and various industry experts keeping an open line of communication to potential process improvements.


Are you in need of an agency RFP? MBc helps manage the process with vendor recommendations, RFP content analysis and any organizational needs that clients require.

Added Value


Do you want to learn about De-Coupling? MBc provides expert industry advice on current trends.

MBc stays in the know by touring agency in-house studios and vendor facilities keeping up with the latest technologies and services offered to clients. 

Our years of industry experience allow us to track and benchmark advertising production and compensation costs across clients and brands.


Our relationships with other industry experts allow us to build a wide knowledge base and continue to improve best practice methods used across the industry.

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